Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wicked Old 'Dos

Watching my twin obsessions this week—-the Red Sox clinching the AL East and PBS’s “The War” (Feel free to insert Boston/Cambridge axis jokes here) it struck me that a lot of people’s hairdos are frozen in time.

Exhibit A: Dennis Eckersley, former Oakland As relief ace and Sox player-turned-commentator. Theguy's a great analyst, with the perfect mix of expertise and fan-like wonder. Exhibit B: The War’s Ken Burns. Both are 40-something guys with 25-year- old mops.

To paraphrase Peyton Manning: “They’ve been working those ‘dos since the fifth grade.”

Pot/kettle disclaimer, the same could be said for me.

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E.M. said...

I remember as an 11-year old going to a Yankees-Indians doubleheader at the Stadium. Eck started game 2 for the Indians. At some point during the game, Willie Randolph tried to steal second. Instead of ducking down, Eck just turned around to look at second. The catcher's throw to second base was a perfect strike at the back of Eck's head.

I think he spent the night at Bellvue "undergoing tests."