Monday, October 15, 2007

What the....?

Maybe someone out there knows what this means.

In tonight's Fox broadcast of game 3 Sox-Indians, Tim McCarver and Joe Buck were nattering on about Victor Martinez' likes and dislikes. Apparently, Kansas City is his favorite road town and Curb Your Enthusiasm his favorite show, said Young Joe Buck.

To which McCarver rejoins: "There are four Venezuelans on this team and his favorite show stars Larry David."

What the heck is he trying to say here?

Is it code?



Anonymous said...

I heard that too...I don't watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, but I thought there HAS to be a connection -- maybe Larry David hates on Venezuelans on the show?

otherwise (and most likely the case) McCarver is just an idiot.

Anonymous said...

You do not have enough bandwidth to record all the stupid things that Fox sportscasters say to fill airtime.

I like how they keep remarking during games at Fenway, "It's amazing. No one has left this ballpark."

Note to broadcasters: A) This is Boston, not California. People don't leave in the seventh inning. B) No lead is safe at Fenway. C.) Your car is hopelessly parked into your $40 parking spot on Van Ness St., so you can't go anywhere even if you do leave.

The question Fox needs to be asking is why Theo Epstein spent a quarter of a billion dollars on a bunch of losers whose main talent seems to be watching the ball go by them -- and where will Theo be working next year?

barbarella said...

oof. i feel your pain. Last nite i actually turned off hte set during the seven-run Cleveland inning. Just couldn't take it anymore.

I refuse to read today's papers but i heard that youk, david, manny hit back to back to back homeruns. Still glad i got some sleep.

Hate to say it but the Indians appear to have all the moj oin this one. Or at least 90 percent of it

barbarella said...

I do watch Curb your Enthusiasm--nearly all of it--and there is no "Venezuelan hate" thread. ALthough Larry does manage to offend every nationality, race,creed.

So, you're probably right on the McCarver-is-idiot diagnosis.