Thursday, October 18, 2007

At last a Web community I can get behind

It’s true I don’t have the bandwidth to track the idiocy that emanates from Tim McCarver’s mouth. Thankfully, a little googling shows there’s an army of like-minded citizens out there.

Finally. A community I can get behind. A large group who hate, loathe and despise Tim McCarver. Wait, that’s too harsh. They hate, loathe and despise what Tim McCarver says. On national TV. Ruining our favorite game. He is, in the words of one blogger, imminently "mute-worthy."

The orange-headed freak accounts for four of the 35 stupidest-ever sports quotes as compiled here. As one respondent said, he surely deserves more.

There is a consensus about the orange-headed freak. Misery loves company. See here. And here. And here. Oh yeah and here.

These are my new peeps.

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Red Sox Stats Guy said...

Don't forget about - they loathe Timmy.