Friday, October 12, 2007

Gotta Love Uncov

A friend clued me in to the Uncov site a couple months ago. It is, in short, brilliant

Now someone has taken the time to interview the brains of the operation here.

God love Ted Dziuba.

Here’s a money quote from the Wired interview.

“You know you're a bullshit company when your core technology is Ajax. If the business is every widget under the sun conglomerated into this giant application, there's no real technology there. There's no noteworthy computer-science problem being solved. The Ajax stuff is pre-written. You just have to go to the libraries and put it all together.

When Gmail came out -- and Gmail is a pretty kick-ass product -- it was like, "Ha! Ajax for dynamic web apps! We can use it for everything!" So now you have companies like Zoho, for example. Their sole goal is to take every desktop app that ever existed and reimplement it in Ajax with no added features or functionality. It irritates me as an engineer that companies with no engineering merit, first off, are getting funded and, second off, are getting bought out.“

My hero.

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