Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First rule of lying: Don't pile it on

Cautionary tale: If you’re gonna lie (or worse, have your mouthpieces lie FOR you), Keep in simple. Redundancy ain't a good strategy in prevarication.

According to this New York Times account of the sentencing of big shot director John McTiernan to four months for perjury, his new lawyers pulled out every tool in the drawer to explain his earlier “mis-statements” to authorities.

Money graph:

“His new lawyers argued that on the night he received the call from the F.B.I. agent, he was jet-lagged from a location-scouting trip to Thailand, had contracted typhoid and had stopped taking his antidepressant medication.”

This is a little like telling your second grade teacher that the cat ate your homework, threw it up, and then your dog ate the cat puke.

Totally unrelated: How can anyone rationally think of Rudy Giuliani as president? The weirdo factor alone should disqualify him.

See this story: I can't believe I'm saying this but the NRA audience had it right: "Eeeeew."

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