Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Microsoft buy into Facebook? Don't make me LOL

This Microsoft-wants-to-buy-a-chunk-of-Facebook saga" is hilarious.

Facebook’s cool quotient is already history. Face it, by the time people like me have Facebook profiles, it’s definitely over. The kids have moved on.

A buddy and I were IM’ing about it today. (Yes, old farts like IM too). He complained about all the Facebook invites he gets from strangers.

“Facebook was cool,” he typed, “when it was invitation only.”

Now with PR people and marketeers congregating there, it’s become more a place you'd flea (er, make that flee) than hang out in.

The twenty-somethings are going elsewhere, he noted. He said he cringed after seeing his niece’s and nephew’s pages.

“How lame is that that Uncle Ed has a Facebook page?” he laughed. Or I guess he laughed. He did LOL anyway.

The rationale behind Microsoft dropping up to $10 billion on Facebook--Yes, billion with a “B”--is that if they don’t Google will. In fact, even if they do, Google will.

Which begs the obvious conclusion: Mark Zuckerberg is the luckiest man on earth.

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Anonymous said...

If facebook does get fleas from the PR people and marketers, then I would definitely flee.