Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Clintstones overcome Kennedys to win Mass.

Who knew? Hillary won big in Massachusetts, despite the Kennedys' very public embrace of Barack Obama.

Well, most of them hearted Barack. Caroline and Uncle Ted spurned Billary (aka The Clintstones) for Obama. RFK Jr., on the other hand, starred in a TV ad blitz backing Hillary.

John Kerry threw in with Obama. No one cared. But the Kennedys? That was a big deal, although there was a theory that the endorsements were a double-sided sword.

Theory 1: The clan has lost its teeth in Mass. Given my personal demographics, I'd say this is the case. Many of us live in fear of Joe resurfacing to run for something again. Spare us. Please. Lots of poor people still need heat.

Folks are sick of the antics. Anyone who thinks Hillary and Bill have an "entitlement" problem should get a load of this set of grandkids. Ted, however, won big time street cred with his early and unwavering anti-war vote. (Yes, Hillary you TOO could have read the briefing and done the right thing or at least assigned a minion to do so.)

Once he gave up on personal ambitions for the presidency, he became a pretty good senator. Although a pretty embarrassing one at times.

Theory 2: For all of its self-proclaimed liberalism, Mass remains a tad racist. Hopefully not.

On the other side of the aisle, the icky Mitt Romney managed to win his home state. You know, the one he keeps making fun of. Still, it's really looking like even old-school Republicans would rather hold their noses and vote for McCain or embrace Huckabee than embrace this oil slick of a man.

What's great is that McCain and Huckabee (and before that Rudy) are in violent agreement that Mitt should not go to Washington. How great is that?

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