Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kiss of death

Everyone's still abuzz about Ted Kennedy's backing of Barack Obama.

The Clintons sure know how to screw things up. Obama had the good grace to seem truly thankful. Still, as a bright guy, he's gotta know this is one mixed bag of ... em ... support. Yeah, support's the word.

The even earlier news that John Kerry was throwing in with Barack was viewed by some in Boston as a kiss of death. Kinda like when Kerry wished the Red Sox luck. The Old Town Team overcame the bad mojo. Hopefully Barack will too.

One has to wonder who the Republicans are salivating more over--Obama backed by Kennedy/Kerry, kind of a Beelzebub/anti-Christ duo of northeast liberals OR the Clintons.

Maybe they'll drive themselves into early graves obsessing over it.

While the repubs work themselves into a frenzy, you have to feel for all those comedy writers for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert who must just be dying a little bit inside with all this material just waiting to be picked over.

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