Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mitt's slip, slidin' away

Schadenfreude rules. The latest news out of N.H. is that McCain is surging, Mitt, our former-not-so-beloved gov is sliding, and the nutjob out of New York is stuck in neutral.

And in Iowa, Mike Huckabee may prove that Romney may have rented, not bought, Iowans' support. More here.

There are many surface reasons to dislike Mitt: The escapee-from-the-waxworks look is one. More substantive is the fact that he has been badmouthing the state that gave him his last executive position all over the country. How smart is a guy who doesn't "get" that what he says in South Carolina gets heard in Boston-Worcester-Springfield. Or worse, doesn't care.

He condescends to the wacky liberal-lefties of the northeast. Worse he mocks them to amuse his new most-wanted constituency: Christian Conservatives.

News flash: They're not gonna buy into him.

Poor Mitt: He's stuck between the rock of Northeast liberalism and the hard place of the preachers.

Couldn't happen to a better guy.

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