Sunday, March 30, 2008

Deval Patrick Foobar

Why is it that Massachusetts cannot find a governor who actually wants to be governor?

The problem goes way back. Michael Dukakis, at least, was a competent administrator when he ran for prez. William Weld apparently pined for a senate seat soon afte rhe won his second term as gov. Then, suffered the ignomy of being soundly beaten by John "Live Shot" Kerry.

Later Weld openly pined to become ambassador south of the border. Clinton nominated him, he quit his day gig, and conservative Republicans shot him down. And Mitt Romney, well, we all know Mitt never had his heart--let alone his over-gelled noggin-- in the state house.

Now Deval Patrick, who's already pissed away the first months of his term, goes AWOL during the biggest vote of his career. Even those who shed no tears for the lack of casinos in Massachusetts wondered what the guy was thinking. Worse yet, he was in New York flogging his memoirs for publishers when he could have been working to pass what he called as the solution to the state's fiscal woes.

So far, Patrick, who delivered one of the best inaugural speeches ever, has a legacy that includes Cadillacs,-as-official-vehicles; designer drapes, and a dead-as-a-doornail casino bill.

But wait a few years, and there will also be an autobiography which is supposed to hit the shelves the last year of his administration.

Nice work.

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