Monday, December 3, 2007

Mitt's Mormonism (and why it bugs us)

Bostonians are very caught up in being open minded, in a very self-proclaimed way. Even though we’re anything but.

When I first got to "the Athens of America" too many years ago--actually it was the day the Pope arrived -- it irked me that people who witnessed the South Boston busing mess were the first to deride the south as the last-bastion of racism.

That’s why the whole
is so ummmm, well un-COMFORTABLE.

Everyone likes to think they’re fair and unbiased. You. Me. Fox News. Nobody is. So might as well admit it and move on.

The other night over a wine-soaked dinner at one of the South End’s finer spots(garlic chicken to die for—YOU know the place), I was trying to explain why even though I knew I SHOUDLN”T be bothered by Mitt’s Mormonism, it still was still just, well bothersome.

The tortured confession came after a couple pomegranate martinis THEN a couple of side cars. Which really does explain a lot. There were eight at the table. I was trying to explain why Mitt’s faith should be no more an issue than JFK’s Catholicism was in 1960. However the whole Mormon thing, just seemed, well, it just seemed…

”WEIRD???,” interjected friend Peter. “It’s weird because MORMONISM is weird,” he explained. As if to a two-year old.

Well, it's good THAT’s out in the open. The difference between evolved vs. unevolved bigots is that the latter have the good grace or shame to seem embarrassed by it.

And really, it is kinda weird, no? Says the agnostic.

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