Monday, November 19, 2007

Stay-away Rod gets assist from the Oracle of Omaha

Here's the most interesting headline from the weekend: 'Alex Rodriguez Gets A Surprise Assist From Fan in Omaha'.

And the deck: 'As Yankee Slugger Whiffed n Contract, He Turned To Buffett and Goldman'.

(The Wall Street Journal story is here.)

If A-Rod, who seems more like Eddie Haskell by the minute, turned to Warren Buffett and Goldman Sachs to help with his Yankee contract troubles, it won't be long before he hits up Dr. Phil for marriage counseling and Bill Gates for tech support.

Enough news about the purple-lipped freak. At least thanks to these high-powered assists, he'll be plying his trade in pinstripes and not in the Boston white-and-red.

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