Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fun Facts From Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference

Best nickname:

The hotel for press, analysts combined the interior look of a war zone with the façade of a parking structure. Press wags not-so-affectionately dubbed it the Baghdad Hilton.

Best Stealth Factoid:

Designated Microsoft spokespeople would not provide price on the new embeddable version of BizTalk Server (R2). A panelist was not so reticent: List price: $500.

Best Bamboozle:

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner talked up a three-way simultaneous launch next February of Longhorn/Katmai/Orcas (that’s Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 to those who stand on formalities.)

The only thing is, at least one third of the three products won’t ship at launch time—SQL Server is on for a second quarter 08 general availability.

Best Quip About the Best Bamboozle:

An MBS exec, who shall go nameless here, asked whether the launch was more marketing shtick than real launch answered: “Marketing, reality, what’s the difference?”

Second Best Quip about the Best Bamboozle:

A former system integrator exec attending the show: “It would be nice if they all shipped together, but I’m not sure the world could stand it if they did. This launch will blow previous enterprise launches away.”

Most Reassuring Comment for MBS Partners:

New MBS senior vice president Kirill Tatarinov said his experience building Microsoft’s Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) will help him in the business apps push. Both DSI and MBS are “oriented on a partner ecosystem. The message there [with DSI] is to build manageable systems, with the whole ecosystem working together. For us to help businesses run themselves well and implement business processes…From meeting with partners for two days non-stop, I can say the ecosystem in business solutions is much broader and partnering is the strategy.”

Most Cynical Response to Marketing Spiel:

The incessant “People Ready” message started grating immediately. Asked if he were, in fact, “people ready,” one long time Microsoft analyst noted: “You show me which people and I’ll tell you if I’m ready.”

Most Craven Appeal For Approval:

When EPG honcho announced to partners he watned them to help build Micrsofot’s enterprise sales grow 20 percent next year, there was silence and less-than a smattering of applause (It was early). “I do need some applause on that,” said Simon.

The polite crowd obliged.

Best WTF moment:

Allison Watson strapping on a jet pack that would allegedly “propel” her around the stage. Fade to black.

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